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How do I determine the right size blade for me?

The easiest way is to reference the current blade part number that you are using. Normally the part number should tell you the ID, OD, thickness, and grit size. If the part number does not make any sense, you can certainly call us and we can cross reference that part number for you. The other way to determine the blade size that you need, if it is a hubless blade, is to measure the ID and OD of the flange that you are using. Most flanges are a standard ID and the OD will be different according to the exposure that you want to get. If it is a hubbed blade that you are looking for, hubbed blades come only in 2″ standard sizes which are .7500″ ID X 2.188″ & 2.25″ OD. Most 2″ spindle machines take one of these two standard blades if not both.


What are the standard sizes that you offer?

Following is a list of our most common standard sizes:

*The thicknesses start at .003″ (.076″mm) and increase in increments of .001″ (.0254mm). Because of the size of the diamonds, .006″ (.152mm) is the minimum thickness for 180 grit size and lower

**All grit sizes are available.

***The exposure is only applicable to our CA blades and nickel bonded blades. The nickel bonded have an exposure ratio of 1:30 which means that if you want a .0014″ thick blade the maximum exposure available would be .040″. The ratio for our CA blades is 1:10.


How do I determine the right grit size for my application?

Here is a list of some common materials and the grit sizes that we recommend for them:

Alumina – 270, Ferrite – 600 , Lithium Niobate – 1200, Glass – 325, Silicon – 3000, Sapphire – 325.

Please contact our knowledgeable staff for help selecting the right grit size for your application.


How do I set up an account with your company so that I can use a PO to purchase blades?

Simply provide us with your trade references and usually after a couple of days we can get you in our system.


Should I dress the blade I recently purchased from you?

We recommend dressing all new blades in order to expose the cutting diamonds within the bond as well as to remove any diamonds that could be sticking out. Also to make the outer edge of the blade perfectly round. Instructions on how to dress our blades are included in all our shipments.


What do I do if the hubless blade that I purchase did not fit my flange?

We test all our blades for fit on their proper flange prior to shipping.  The blade should fit snuggly, not too snuggly that you have to force the blade into the flange, and also not too loose. If the blade is too tight, all you have to do is lightly sand the ID with a rounded sand paper or a round finishing stick. If the blade is too lose, please contact us for instructions. It is likely that you will have to send that blade back and we will credit you for a new one. 


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